What We Make

Yonique Myrie




It began with a kiss
I nearly missed
The subtleness of it all tingled
My spine
Straightened with the wisp
Of anticipation
Together we will build a nation
A notion edge within the realm of fantasy
Ignorant of the present reality
The 20 years of age separation
Collides with questions and confusions
If only we were free
To exist without being
Responsible for our creation
If only we could close our eyes and the rhythm of time
Comfort us into acceptance of our souls’ desire
Then maybe you and me will merge into we
If only




He woke up that morning on a high–high with purpose, high with ambition, high with life. Planning was of the essence, getting things done was a priority. I heard the speech a million times and I followed the flow of importance. I played the role over and over again, the supportive me, patting his back, cheering him on, seeing the positive amidst the cloud of despair. Today, I called his bluff. “Let’s do this,” I said. Okay, he said. So we were off, step by step, on this day filled with sunny hope peeping through the cumulus clouds hanging heavy. I struggled to stay side by side, my back aching from the weight of my baby kangaroo, losing sight of the direction he was heading only once, having to wait for 30 minutes until he emerged from his diversion, and then we were on way, somewhere, through the arches of the sculpted Penn, hoisted high with history, searching for an entrance that would lead us in the direction of our lives.


Yonique Myrie

YONIQUE MYRIE grew up in Jamaica, where she developed a sense of uniqueness and a desire to explore. Such exploration took place through writing: “My writing provides me with an avenue to express that which is left unspoken and so I write from my heart.”