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Margurite Hollander



Frank somehow knew more about ships and anything sea bound than everyone around him. He called them the best invention known to man, saying airplanes were a passing fad.


My eye is caught by the smiling face in the foreground. The towers are the most dominant but somehow still in the background.


My grandpa stands in the front, his body seemingly turning towards backdrop as though he is advising you to look past him.


My photo is a perfect capture of a moment that was once a very real part of history. The World Trade Center towers no longer stand, and my grandpa passed shortly after.


The fascination that Frank always had with ocean liners is very clear. To someone who didn’t know him, perhaps the focus of the photo would seem to be the towers, but central to the image are Frank and the Ship.


Lines that dominate include the vertical edges of the towers. The horizontal background creates a think band across the middle of the photograph. The body of the ship meeting the water creates another horizontal axis, but this time crisp and defined.









the City


a Torso




of the Sky