What We Make





Bright, bright, bright beautiful sunny days
sounds of laughter and playing and music



blue water blending with blue sky



pool deck, pool gutter, diving boards
L-shape of pool with floating rope divider,
black lines painted on the bottom of the pool, lifeguard stands



accurate and truthful and
tell me how could a pool with two diving boards give so much
life to an entire town and so many individuals?
what is invisible is the community of adults and
children who came together here to form teams
and friendships and play groups; to teach and to
learn swimming skills, dances, games and the
pool rules and to celebrate holidays and accomplishments



some of the lines are the edges of the pool,
the pool deck and the grassy areas within
the pool are lines dividing the swimming area
from the diving well and the lines dividing the swimming lanes



now, the pool has been filled in, there is no more swim club.
It is a dark spot in the town.


C.P. ROGERS is the pen name of a former nanny and former nurse living in Powelton.