What We Make

Emily Phillips

Two: An Erasure Poem / Valda

Rahkinah Laurel

Black: A Poem / Drexel Dreamhouse

Jordan McCullough

Like a Star / Anais Nin- Hollywood, 1959 / Journeys, Part 1 / The End of the Road / Anatomical City / Untitled

Ebony Drummond

Queen Me a Color

Rosalyn Cliett

Zora and Me / The Long and The Short

Yonique Myrie

Wish / The Vow

Patricia Burton

The Game

Victoria Huggins Peurifoy

The Yellow Door / What I Want / Dear Son

Jen Jolles

It is Yours/Before I Die

Lauren Lowe

Oi-Ling / Before I Die

Norman Cain

Confession / From Spark To Inferno / Sissy / The Great Neighborhood Debate of 1955

Brenda Bailey

Z is 4 Zora / "BFF"

RuNett Ebo Gray

The Horizon

Margurite Hollander

Frank / Profile of the Sky

Chanda Rice

Marriage and Husbands: An Excerpt / Twenty Five Sentence Autobiography / Mother's Day / I Exist / Before I Die

Carol Richardson McCullough

Implosion / My Theory of Historical Change / Transplant / Family: A Mural / Snapshots / Not Just Whistlin' Dixie / Write My Block / Dusty Rose Colored Rocking Chair

Sylvia Elias

My Mother is Dying

Roger Converse

River Journey on the Black Tiger

Lauren Altman

Burning Desire / The Pursuit of Mindfulness

C.P. Rogers

Pool/Swim Club: A Pencil Illustration

Michael Kay

The Gray Area: An Excerpt

Victoria Daughen


Valerie Fox

In a Dream That Points Back and Moves Forward

English 360: Philadelphia Stories

A Fan Letter to Yolanda Wisher / Response To: A Love Letter to Philadelphia by Yolanda Wisher / Mr. Jollie and His Posse / Elements / Essence of Zadie Smith / On Zadie

Jill Moses

Diane Arbus Speaks

Cynthia Ann Schemmer

Like You Look Like Her

Kirsten Kaschock

City Date

Michael Shelmet

The Golf Club Incident

Jongilene Fergusen

Before I Die

Stephanie Mualim

Before I Die

Tiffany Liao

Before I Die

English 360: War Stories

War Stories / Going Back / Killer Compassion / You Don't Need to Understand Everything / Dear mom / Dear Scott, The Therapist that Disappeared / Washington DC Trip 2015- An Excerpt

Chris Kennedy

Untitled 1 / Untitled 2 / Before I Die